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Our Mission

Turning Data into Value

AI is the modern alchemy of turning data into value. We help you turn data into tangible value through our products and services.

The Power of AI for All!

AI is an extremely powerful technology, but it is currently only being used by a limited number of people. Through our products and services, we will help all people to utilize the power of AI.

Creating a sustainable and smart society

Through the power of AI, analytical technology, and data, we will solve social problems and create a sustainable and smart society.

Our Service

It is an AI analysis platform that allows you to perform prediction by deep learning and optimization by genetic algorithms in a browser. There is no need for programming or infrastructure development, just upload your data. You can search for input conditions that simultaneously optimize many objectives that have trade-off relationships.

AI experts will provide consulting and lectures on how to use AI to solve your company’s problems. Our AI experts can also analyze large-scale data and develop AI-based analysis systems.

Our AI experts can provide spot support for optimizing manufacturing conditions and product designs using innovative design of experiments and AI analysis systems such as Multi-Sigma.


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