Optimize Your Research and Development with Multi-Sigma’s Affordable AI PlatformUnlock the Power of a low-cost AI analysis platform that performs with a small amount of data and without the need of programming.



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Are you facing hurdles in adopting AI?

Multi-Sigma offers solutions for professionals, whether you’re an engineer seeking to enhance AI analysis or a business executive navigating AI adoption challenges. Here’s how we can assist you:

For Engineers:

  • Boost your confidence in the quality of AI analysis
  • Ensure AI analysis generates actionable insights
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems
  • Tackle data inadequacy and disorganization
  • Easily communicate the AI analysis process to stakeholders

For Business Executives:

  • Address concerns about the cost of AI adoption
  • Overcome resource constraints and educational gaps
  • Find a clear starting point for AI integration
  • Mitigate potential security risks

Supercharge Your R&D with Multi-Sigma’s Innovative Simulation Design Method

Supercharge your research and development with Multi-Sigma’s “Innovative Simulation Design Method”
Multi-Sigma’s Features

Multi-Sigma’s Features

  • Achieve high prediction accuracy
  • Easily implement random experimental designs
  • Independence of explanatory variables is not a limitation
  • Simultaneously predict multiple objective variables with scalability and flexibility

Experience “Highly Accurate and Easy Multi-Objective Optimization”

Case Study:

Optimizing Artificial Heart Design with Multi-Sigma


Reducing workload in experiments and improving efficiency in development

Multi-Sigma excels with small data sets. In an artificial heart design project with over 7,000 experimental conditions, Multi-Sigma delivered an optimal design from just 60 simulations (1/120 of the workload). This research, conducted by Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, not only reduced workload but also unearthed new insights through AI.

Other applications

Product design
Product design
Process improvement
Process improvement
Pharmaceutical and materials development
Pharmaceutical and materials development
Optimization in medical practice
Optimization in medical practice
Business administration
Business administration
Economics and Finance
Economics and Finance

The Advantages of Multi-Sigma

Unlike most machine learning tools that offer only one function, Multi-Sigma predicts multiple objective variables and seamlessly performs multi-objective optimization. It automatically fine-tunes hyperparameters for accurate predictions with minimal data.

Multi-Sigma Can Benefit Professionals by Providing:

For Engineers:

  • High-quality AI analysis
  • Actionable results
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Start with as few as 20 data sets
  • Easy communication of AI processes to external audiences

For Business Executives:

  • Cost-effective system development and installation
  • Accessibility for all
  • Simple installation
  • Secured within Google Cloud’s environment
  • Reduced environmental footprint

Let Multi-Sigma Revolutionize Your R&D — Install Now!

Our consultative model, designed for your success, offers support at every step. AIZOTH’s world-class AI experts and engineers assist with product installation and data analysis.

Service Details Our online course covers:
  • Fundamentals of AI operations
  • Multi-Sigma training
  • Tailored technical on-the-job training
  • Interpretation of analysis results
Key Strengths World-class researchers and engineers provide comprehensive support for Multi-Sigma introduction and installation.
Working Period 3 months+
Cost Starting from ¥3,000,000 (Fees vary based on requirements)

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