CREATING NEW INTELLIGENCE Creating a Sustainable and Smart Society with AI

MAKE NEW INTELLIGENCE. AIで持続可能かつスマートな社会を創る

Bringing Data and the Power of AI to Everyone

AI stands as the modern alchemy, transforming data into invaluable insights. Yet, its potential remains untapped by many due to limited accessibility. Our mission is to bridge this gap, enabling everyone to harness AI’s power, thereby converting data into tangible value. Beyond that, we’re committed to addressing societal challenges and nurturing a sustainable, intelligent society.

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Multi-Sigma is an AI analysis platform that requires no programming, minimizes data input, and keeps costs low. Multi-Sigma seamlessly blends various AI techniques, from minimal experimental data to predictive optimization. Our unique “innovative experimental design method” integrates AI into the conventional PDCA cycle, delivering optimal solutions for multi-input, multi-objective systems.

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We provide installation support too.

Aizoth AI Expert Consulting

AI Consultation

Our team of AI experts offers consulting, lectures, and data analysis to tackle complex issues. We leverage large-scale data and AI to develop tailored analysis systems, ensuring our clients make informed decisions.

Consulting Support

Condition Setting Support

Support for Finding Optimal Parameters

Through innovative experimental design methods and AI analysis, our team of AI experts provide precise support for optimizing manufacturing conditions and product designs for mulitple inputs and outputs.

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Contract Research and Development

Custom R&D

Our AI experts conduct comprehensive research and development aligned with your company’s needs. We offer end-to-end support, from AI analysis to system implementation, even handling big data beyond Multi-Sigma’s capabilities.

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Research Project

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