Custom R&D

At AIZOTH America Inc., our AI experts are ready to conduct a wide range of research and development tasks tailored to your specific needs. Our services encompass everything from AI analysis to system implementation, ensuring your requirements are met.

Some Examples of What We Can Do for You Include:

We meet your demands as below examples
  • Analyzing extensive datasets that surpass the capabilities of Multi-Sigma (including image data, three-dimensional data, genetic data, time series data, text data, and more).
  • Developing AI analysis methodologies aligned with your unique objectives.
  • Implementing AI analysis systems directly at your location.
  • Crafting user-friendly AI analysis applications for consumers.
  • Building AI analysis systems with integrated hardware solutions.

Additionally, we’re flexible and open to accommodating any other specialized needs you may have.

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Our Workflow:

  1. Step1Initial Online Meeting – Confirming project details.
  2. Step2Contract Closure and NDA Signing, along with any other necessary formalities.
  3. Step3Data Transfer – We can assist in creating learning datasets if needed.
  4. Step4Research and Development – Our experts will perform the work at AIZOTH.

About Our Pricing


Our services are backed by a team of world-class researchers and engineers. We leverage cutting-edge AI infrastructure, including the world’s largest AI operation infrastructure available at Additionally, we have the expertise to develop systems using cloud platforms such as Google Cloud. Since our services are custom-tailored to your unique needs, both the work duration and cost are flexible and open to negotiation, ensuring they align precisely with your specific requirements.

For AI-focused research and development that eliminates redundancy and optimizes SEO, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project further.