Support for Finding Optimal Parameters

Service contents

Our AI experts support setting optimized parameters for manufacturing and design parameters in a short period of time using AI on the spot.

We will resolve those troubles!

We will resolve those troubles!
  • Difficult to find the optimal parameter setting because too many combinations of the conditions exist in manufacturing process or product design
  • Difficult to optimize the conditions because there are several conflicting objective variables such as cost and quality
  • Unable to understand how much each parameter of the conditions influence objective variables.

We would recommend for those people!

We would recommend for those people!
  • Want to optimize the manufacturing process parameters or the design parameters. However, it is difficult for me to perform analysis by using the proper applications
  • No need to use such applications as we do not perform analysis on a regular basis
  • Want to see the whole set of the procedures in AI analysis by your experts first. Then, want to try it and understand what can be achieved.


  1. Step1Online meeting: Confirm work description
  2. Step2Closure of the contract and NDA. A completion of some other necessary procedures
  3. Step3Send your data: (Support creating learning data as needed)
  4. Step4Will conduct the research and development work in AIZOTH
  5. Step5Send the report including analysis and results


  • The world best class researchers and engineers support optimizing manufacturing process conditions, design parameters, and so on
  • Work period: One month~
  • Cost: ¥1,000,000~ (Negotiable based on your requirements)