Company Profile

Company nameAIZOTH Inc.
FoundationAugust 25th, 2014
Location2nd Floor, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tsukuba Bldg,
1-5-7 Azuma, Tsukuba,
Name of representativeRieko Kawajiri, CEO
Capital10 million yen

About Us

AIZOTH was founded in August 2014 by two researchers — Kotaro Kawajiri, who has a Ph.D. in engineering, and Rieko Kawajiri, who has a Ph.D. in commerce — both hoping to use their expertise and research experience to solve societal problems.

We aim to create a sustainable and smart society by generating new knowledge from data with the use of AI. It is also our goal to make AI accessible to all, not just a limited few with expertise or those who can afford to hire experts. We believe our proprietary technology and products can drastically improve R&D efficiency and knowledge creation, contributing to the greater societal good.

Rieko Kawajiri, CEO

Why Choose Us

Selecting the right partner for your AI-driven solutions is crucial, and AIZOTH should be your top choice. Our company is founded on a passion for harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems. What makes us unique is our team of dedicated AI experts, who are driven by a shared vision of creating a better, smarter society.

We are firmly committed to making AI accessible to all, ensuring that our cutting-edge technology and products are within reach for individuals and organizations of every background. By choosing AIZOTH, you’re not just choosing a solution; you’re choosing innovation, efficiency, and the guidance of AI experts who are determined to drive progress, enhance research and development, and contribute positively to society as a whole. Join us in shaping a brighter future through the power of AI.