AIZOTH to conduct LCA for cultured meat produced via IntegriCulture’s CulNet system – Project executed in partnership with IntegriCulture and The University of Shiga Prefecture

AIZOTH Inc. has started a joint research project with IntegriCulture and the University of Shiga Prefecture, to establish a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the production of cultured meat (so-called cellular food) using the CulNet® system, a new cell culture technology originally developed by IntegriCulture, which aims to create a sustainable world through “cellular agriculture” to produce food, raw materials, etc. from animal-derived cells. (“CulNet® system”) to establish the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the production of cultured meat (so-called cellular food).

We provides AI analysis and LCA technical consulting for the R&D field using Multi-Sigma, a no-code, SaaS-type AI analysis tool that can be used by “anyone, anywhere, on any hardware” to increase R&D efficiency by 100 and more fold in some cases. Using deep learning to perform predictions, factor analysis, and multi-objective optimizations from the minimum necessary experimental data, AI searches for optimal manufacturing conditions that simultaneously satisfy numerous objectives from among a vast number of combinations of manufacturing conditions. AIZOTH is the world’s leading company in the development of the ex-ante LCA method, which estimates the cost and environmental impact of a future large-scale commercialization of a technology based on information from the R&D phase.

We also offer analysis and contract research services in the field of LCA, so please contact us for more information.