AIZOTH Inc. is participating in NEDO Feasibility Study Program on ‘ Advanced Lorenz Cycle (ALC) Thermal Management Technologies ‘.

To achieve a carbon-neutral society, the development of high-efficiency energy conversion technologies utilizing green electricity with zero CO₂ emissions is crucial.

Particularly in emerging industries such as data centers and cold chain centers, the development of bidirectional energy management technologies incorporating heat pumps and organic Rankine cycles operating within a temperature range of approximately 100°C is essential. Additionally the implementation of AI-driven thermal management technologies is vital for operation.

In this research, we aim to establish design guidelines for heat pumps and organic Rankine cycles based on an innovative Lorenz cycle capable of operating with a temperature difference above 100°C. Concurrently, by constructing a thermal management system using AI, we aim to conduct evaluation and analysis of process system design, energy efficiency, and economic viability.

AIZOTH is collaborating on this research with Nagoya University, The University of Tokyo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, YANMAR Energy System Co., Ltd., NORITZ Corporation, and Sassor Corporation.